Big gift box 32pcs

2,300.00 RSD

DESCRIPTION: Black chocolate with candied orange and black genache; black chocolate with coffee and Bailey’s; black chocolate with raspberries and pistachios; milk chocolate with apple and golden genache; Ruby chocolate with coconut; milk chocolate with caramel and brownie; milk chocolate with crunchy hazelnut praline and gianduja; black chocolate with calamansi, almond and milk genache.


There are 8 different flavors of pralines in a box, each of them are handmade and painted.

AVAILABILITY: available all year long.
Please place your order at least 3 days in advance (72h).

ALLERGENS: berry fruits, nuts, alcohol, lactose, coconut.

PORTION: 32 pieces in a box

NOTE: Keep at temperature of 18°C.
Expiration date is printed on the inside of the cover – 15 days after delivery.