Bikicki – Makana Noir

2,280.00 RSD

Black Tamjanika is a grape variety, most famous for its sweet wines. Our Makana Noir will evoke the taste of black forest fruit jam, sweet rose preserve and black forest honey. Sumptuously delicious, smooth and rich, it has an impressive bouquet that lingers on the palate for a long time, recalling the flavor of chocolate-covered prunes, candied walnuts and dried blueberries.

Location: Banostor, Fruska gora, Sremski region, Serbia
Facing: east, 2km from the Danube river
Micro location and altitude: Dedovac, single vineyard (5,000 vines/ha), 220 MASL
Soil types: cambisol and vertisol
Grape variety: Crna Tamjanika (Black Muscat)
Age of vines and yield: 3 years
Harvest: hand harvest, 15. septembar
Maceration: 3 days, poured with Crna Tamjanika
Fermentation: spontanious on wild yeasts
Aging: old barrique for 1 year
Production: 373 bottles (numbered)
Alcohol: 14.1 %vol
Residual sugar: 105 g/l
Total extract: 30 g/l
Acidity: 6,8 g/l
pH: 3,5
Total SO2: 26 mg/l
Drink at: 9 – 12 ˚C
Drinking time: 2018 – 2030