Chocolate Macaroons

PRICE: 300 rsd / per piece

POSSIBLE FLAVORS: Dark chocolate, gianduja and crispy almond biscuit; Milk chocolate with passion fruit, tonka, apricot jam and chopped hazelnuts; Dark chocolate with pistachio pieces and raspberry jam.

AVAILABILITY: Available all year round.

Please order the desired products at least 7 working days in advance.

ALLERGENS: lactose, soy lecithin, nuts, citrus fruits, berries.

OTHER: Store at a temperature of up to 18°C.

Net weight: 25g

Best before date: one month from the date of production.

It is possible to order personalized messages that go with the product. The final price of the product depends on the circulation. The Mandarina team only delivers products and does not arrange gifts at the address. For more information and to place an order, contact us via the e-mail address

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