Degustation at home

1,500.00 RSD

*Hello! In order for me to arrive at your address in an unchanged condition, I am stored e in a looow minus before delivery. When I arrive, give me some time to “come to my senses” at room temperature, and then you can surrender to my magic.


Hakuna Matata – Gianduja mousse, exotic compote of passion fruit, mango, banana and lime. Mascarpone-tonka cheese with a crunchy caramel crunch and a light hazelnut crust.
Raspberry Twist – Mousse made from a combination of milk Callebaut chocolate and dark Callebaut chocolate with 60% cocoa, raspberry insert and a soft hazelnut crust.
Stella del Mandarino – Callebaut white chocolate mousse, pistachio mousse, raspberry jam, soft and juicy vanilla bark.
Creamy Nougat – Soft crust with hazelnut, milk Callebaut chocolate mousse, hazelnut cream with crispy French biscuit.

ALLERGENS: gluten, eggs, milk, soy lecithin, pistachio, raspberry, gelatin, lactose, hazelnut.
PORTIONS: 280g (+-10%)
AVAILABILITY: Available all year round.

Please order the products at least 3 days in advance (72 hours).
The appearance of each of our products is unique. Variations in shades and patterns of the final appearance may be present.