Bikicki – Cu

1,890.00 RSD

Memorable, very intensely colored even for the ramato style, almost like a more
delicate variant of pinot noir, with a powerful bronze-reddish hue. A similar impression
reaches the nose, where this pinot grigio reveals an abundance of fruity aromas with
lots of red currants, strawberries and plums…Sumptuous and full-bodied in the mouth,
with a rich tannin structure and firm, distinctive acids. The finishing is complex,
bringing the notes of plum jam and ripe red apple, and lingers on the palate for a very
long time.
Such a serious and structured wine calls for roast lamb, veal cutlets, stuffed rabbit or
dishes with forest mushrooms.

Location: Banostor, Fruska gora, Sremski region, Serbia
Facing: east – west, 2km from the Danube river
Micro location and altitude: Milino hill, single vineyard (5,000 vines/ha), 220 MASL
Soil types: cambisol and vertisol with a little bit of mar
Grape variety: Pinot Grigio
Age of vines and yield: 7 years old, 1.5 kg / vine
Harvest: hand harvest, 24. August
Maceration: 5 days at 15 ºC
Fermentation: spontanious on wild yeasts
Aging: new Hungarian light barrique for 6 months (unfiltered)
Production: 1,052 bottles (numbered)
Alcohol: 13.2 %vol
Residual sugar: 0.6 g/l
Total extract: 23 g/l
Acidity: 5.6 g/l
pH: 3.5
Total SO2: 41 mg/l
Drink at: 12 – 14 ˚C
Drinking time: 2019 – 2023