Bikicki – Moma

3,100.00 RSD

Deep, amber-yellow color, intense and layered scent of bergamot, mandarin peel and ripe grapefruit with a strong floral character of rose petals and linden tea. Very rich traminer with a luxurious structure, mineral, full and enchantingly fresh at the same time, full of strong aromas of fruits, spices and flowers. The character of ripe citrus is followed by tropical notes, mango and passion fruit, followed by ginger, rose petals, linden and pear. The floral tone, which is intertwined with the flavors of kumquat, grapefruit and orange jam, remains very constant for a long time.

Location: Banoštor, Fruška gora, Srem region, Serbia
Position: South – west oriented, 2km distance from the Danube
Move and altitude: Milino brdo, (5,000 vines / ha), 140 m above sea level
Soil type: grove, smonica and a little limestone
Grape variety: Traminer red
Vineyard age and yield: 9 years, 0.6 kg / vine
Harvest: Hand harvest, 2. September

Maceration: 1 day
Fermentation: in a ceramic tank of 400 l
Aging: in a Clayver ceramic tank
Produced: 1,412 bottles (numbered)

Alcohol: 14.0% vol
Unfermented sugars: 5.4 g / l
Extract total: 25 g / l
Acidity: 5.2 g / l
pH: 3.5

Total SO2: 25 mg / l (0 added)
Drink at: 10 – 12 ° C
When to drink: 2022-2025