Bikicki – Makana

2,280.00 RSD

The deep, amber color of sweet Makana already hints at the character of this nectar. The aroma reveals an abundance of aromas of dried grapes, meadow honey and candied orange, with tickling floral and spicy notes. The aroma concentration is even more intense in the mouth, where the luscious sweetness carries a strong taste of dried fruit, homemade apple pie and tangerine liqueur.

Prizes: Best Serbian Dessert Wine (

Category: Serbia
Country of origin: Serbia
Location: Banoštor
Color: White wine
Variety: Traminac
Vintage: 2015
Region: Srem Region
Marking: Baroque
Wineries: Bikicki
Organic: Yes
Maturation period: 12 months
Alcohol: 14%
° C serving: 9-12 ° C
Acidity: 7.2
Wine type: Sweet-Liqueur
Amount of sugar in gr: 68
Method of production: Fermentation in barracks
PH value: 4
Type of land: Gajnjaca, smonica and limestone
Packaging: 0.375l