Little box of hande decorated pralines

PRICE: 1850 rsd
White chocolate with raspberry jam and pistachio cream; White chocolate with Gotham insert and gianduja; Dark chocolate and salted caramel; Price of chocolate and coffee genage; Dark chocolate with mango and passion fruit.

PRODUCTION DEADLINE: Depends on the amount.

ALLERGENS: berries, citrus fruits, nuts, lactose, soy lecithin, gluten, milk.

PORTION: 15 pralines in a box

NOTE: Keep at temperature of 18°C.
Net weight: 150g
Expiration date is printed on the box – 45 days after delivery.
Dimensions: 223mm x 157mm x 27mm

There is a possibility of branding the box cover for an extra charge, final price depends on quantity. For further information and product ordering please fill out a contact form below.

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